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One shot: You might feel a stab

Fandom: Once Upon a Time, captain swan.

Summary: after the curse broke, they found a portal to the EF. Emma is a princess at last. She found herself being haunted by a mysterious figure.

Midnight of a full moon. Emma ran in the dark of night, something was chasing her, something very fast.
Since they opened the portal to the enchanted forest Emma felt haunted. She meant to search for the crystal ball Rumple gave her, she tried to concentrate on magic so hard till she accidentally threw the ball to the ground with irritation.
"Feel it, dearie!" She recalled the sentence repeatedly stated in each lesson .
The ball roll through the fence at the balcony of her room in the palace overlooking the forest, she came to the forest, but when Emma saw a figure passing quickly around her in a split second, Emma began to run.
She gasped and looked behind her, but stumbled when encountered at the root of a tree.
"Crap." She hissed in Murmur, scared. "Is this a prank?" Emma shouted to the forest, she rose carefully. The forest is not as familiar to her as it is to her parents, she was lost.
"Emma Swan." a whisper was spoken in her ear. She turned quickly, but there was nothing behind except a cool breeze chilling down her neck.
The whispers continued to appear and disappear. Emma was confused, collapsed to the ground and held her head in an attempt to block the whispers that made her a headache.
"Enough! Who is this? Rumpelstiltskin! Help me!" She said helplessly.
Rumple appeared within seconds “Relax dearie! What’s wrong with you. It is already midnight!”
"Gold,someone was here, chasing me, he was fast" she mumbled, "He knew my name and he - he whispered it in my ear non-stop, you might know what it was, what could it be?"
"I’m afraid not dearie, you should rest," he told her and looked at her anxiously. "And this!" He chuckled and in a simple hand wave, the crystal ball appeared on his palm.
"Thank you," said Emma, her eyes drifted to the dark forest, she studied it, looking for the mysterious figure. Only trees, rocks and bushes.
"practice practice practice dearie!" He said cheerfully and a dark red smoke round him as he disappeared.
Emma turned back to the palace. She froze. She felt a hand on her shoulder. Her instincts were to pull a knife out of her boot were about to act but she felt lips touching her ear, it gave her a strange feeling. paralyzing. She heard a rough voice said into her ear
"Sorry love. You might feel a stab."
She woke up at night. Forest. She looked around and then to the sky.
'Morning,' she thought, 'Oh crap, morning.'
"Emma?" A familiar voice said
"Ruby! Thank God you’re here, how do I get out of here?" Emma was relieved.
"What are you doing in the forest? You have leaves in your hair … Did you… sleep here?" Ruby said, raising her eyebrows with a small smile
"Trust me, you really do not want to hear this .." Emma tried to remove the leaves tangled in her hair. Ruby led her back to the palace, at the door, Were David and Mary Margret, waiting
"Emma! Where have you been? We were so worried!" Said Mary Margaret hysterically 
"Mary Mar - Snow - Mom." Emma muttered in confusion . "Sorry, still working on that."
"It’s alright Emma, but right now we are hurrying to the morning meal with our guests!" Said Mary Margaret and quickly reached her daughter a blue dress.
"guests?" Emma tried to remember.
"Yes, guests, I’m sure you’ve heard of a the king and his lieutenants" said Mary Margaret.
They walked together to the big table where they eat all their meals as usual, and sat down.
"They’re late," said David, looking at the wall clock, a gift from Regina.
The doors opened, The king came along with his lieutenants. The Charmings rushed to greet them.
One of the lieutenants, approached Emma, his blue eyes enchanted her.
"Nice to meet you Princess Emma" he said and kissed both of her ​​cheeks gently
Emma flinched “You.” She looked at him in panic. She remembered the smell, the accent, it’s him, the vampire who bit her.